WordPress Backup Plugins Comparison

You need backup plugins to backup your website so that you can restore it in case you have a breakdown. There are many of them in the WordPress backup world. The most popular backup plugins are BackWPup, BackUpWordPress, Duplicator, UpdraftPlus andVaultPress. But which one to choose? To simplify your choice, we put together the table “Comparison WordPress Backup Plugins” and compared the backup plugins mentioned above.

Comparison WordPress Backup Plugins: Your lucid table*

BackWPup UpdraftPlus VaultPress BackUpWordPress Duplicator
File Backup x x x x x
Database Backup x x x x x
Multisite Support x Premium x x Pro
Run Jobs Manually x x Some Packages x x
Schedule Jobs x x Only Daily x Pro
Database Check x _ _ _ _
WordPress XML Export x _ _ _ _
List of installed Plugins x _ _ _ _
Multiple Destinations per Job x Premium _ _ _
Database Backup for Additional Databases Pro Premium _ _ _
Backup Custom File Paths x Premium _ _ _
Import / Export Job Settings as XML Pro _ _ _ _
Backup Setup Wizard Pro _ _ _ _
Differential Backup to Dropbox Pro _ _ _ _
Amazon Glacier Pro _ _ _ _
Amazon S3 x x _ Pro Pro
Dropbox x x _ Pro Pro
Email x x _ x _
Folder x x _ x x
FTP x x _ Pro Pro
Google Drive Pro x _ x Pro
MS Azure x Premium _ Pro _
Rackspace Cloud Files x x _ Pro _
SFTP _ Premium _ Pro _
SugarSync x _ _ _ _
WebDAV _ Premium _ _ _

*Current Status of this table: April, 2017. We give our best to keep this table current.

As you can see, these backup plugins are both available in a free and a fee-based version. Everywhere you see a “x”, the feature is available in the free version. The lines mark out the features being not available. Everywhere we wrote “Premium” or “Pro”, you have to get the fee-based version in order to use that feature.

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