What is the difference between BackWPup Free and BackWPup Pro?

BackWPup Free offers you some features for automated backups of your website. The Pro version offers you a lot more. The following feature table shows the important features as well as the differences between BackWPup Pro and the free version.

Feature BackWPup FREE

BackWPup PRO

10 Mio. downloads
Complete database backup
Complete file backup
Multisite Support
Database check
WordPress XML export
List of installed plugins
Backup archives management
Log file management
Start jobs per WP-Cron, URL, system, backend or WP-CLI
Log report via email
Backup to Microsoft Azure
Backup as email
Backup to S3 services (Amazon, Google Storage, Hosteurope and more)
Backup to Dropbox
Backup to Rackspace Cloud Files
Backup to FTP server
Backup to your web space
Backup to SugarSync
Backup to Amazon Glacier
Backup to Google Drive
Backup to OneDrive
Backup to HiDrive
Restore manually uploaded Backup Archives
Restore BackUp Archives from local server folder
Restore BackUp Archives from FTP Server
Restore BackUp Archives from DropBox
Restore BackUp Archives from Google Drive
Restore BackUp Archives from S3 Services
Encrypt Backup Archives
Restore Encrypted Backups
Custom API keys for DropBox and SugarSync
XML database backup as PHPMyAdmin schema
Database backup as mysqldump per command line
Database backup for additional MySQL databases
Import and export job settings as XML
Wizard for system tests
Wizard for scheduled backup jobs
Wizard to import settings and backup jobs
Differential backup of changed directories to Dropbox
Differential backup of changed directories to Google Drive
Differential backup of changed directories to Rackspace Cloud Files
Differential backup of changed directories to S3
Differential backup of changed directories to MS Azure
Premium support
Automatic updates