BackWPup release 3.7.0: raise minimum PHP version

BackWPup release 3.7.0 is now available! This new version comes with some updates and fixes: the first related to PHP version compatibility, the latter to some fixes on the back up destinations, like Amazon S3. Besides this, we added some further improvements to the plugin.

Let’s have a closer look to some of the main changes this version provides.

Raise the minimum PHP version to 5.6

Now the minimum PHP version required is 5.6: this change was needed in order  to follow the development of WordPress; in fact, starting from version 5.2, WordPress requires a minimum of PHP 5.6.20. Hence we updated BackWPup 3.7.0 accordingly.

S3: malformed error message

This error occurred after filling the authentication S3 credential fields (Access Key/ secret Key) with wrong values: in that case the error shown to the user seemed to be an unprocessed print of an error log. Now this has been resolved and an appropriate message is displayed in case of incorrect values.

Log page not correctly sorted

BackWPup has a log section where you can find collected info about the executed job. We recently found that this list was not chronologically ordered, hence the various info were randomly distributed. Now we fixed this, and in BackWPup 3.7.0 the list is ordered and the option to render it ascendant or descendant works properly.

Option to enable or disable the phone home client

The phone home client is available only in the free version of BackWPup, and can be used to get some user server data like, for example, the WordPress version. But now the user can also disable that feature if he/she doesn’t want to let the plugin send any data info: in the plugin settings a we added new checkbox in order to let the user disable this feature.

Changelog for BackWPup 3.7.0

Here follows the changelog for the BackWPup Release 3.7.0:

  • Fixed:
    • S3 custom url not used for bucket selection
    • S3 malformed error message when authentication credentials are wrong
    • Rackspace uses old cacert.pem file
    • S3 selecting an invalid service raise no error
    • Log page not correcty sorted
  • Added:
    • Option to enable or disable the phone home client
  • Updated:
    • Raise the minimum PHP version required by BWU to 5.6
    • Microsoft Azure Storage Blob PHP Client Library

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