Comprehensive BackWPup Tutorials for Users

For a long time, you searched for a backup plugin? Well, you found one covering all your needs. You installed BackWPup. But now you wonder how to really use your backup plugin? You would love to have a whole list about comprehensive BackWPup tutorials?

In Inpsyde’s blog (the WordPress VIP agency behind BackWPup) has been published a post recently. There, Inpsyde listed many useful BackWPup Tutorials. Moreover, you find a short introduction to each tutorial with its individual focus.

Comprehensive BackWPup Tutorials – your list is here:

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Another hint: You probably know that Inpsyde offers, besides BackWPup, many other plugins. But did you already take a look at them? Here, you can find a lucid summary. Moreover, you find the indiviual download numbers and a link to So, if you would like to use the plugin, you can directly download it.