Dropbox Token and Permission Updates

Starting September 30th, 2021, the Dropbox Authentication model will change: OAuth flow will no longer return long-lived access tokens.

In order to manage such a change also BackWPup has been properly updated: version 3.10.0 implements all the needed updates that let you continue to use BackWPup as usual.

What should I do as a BackWPup user?

In general there are no particular changes to perform. The important thing is to update your plugin to version 3.10.0 in order to manage the new authentication model set by Dropbox.

After updates, if you currently don’t have any job connected to Dropbox, then there are no further steps to perform.

Instead, if you already have some jobs created and connected to Dropbox using a previous BackWPup version, you will need to re-authenticate to Dropbox.

If this is your case, right after installing the latest version, you will get a notice that warn you to re-authenticate your jobs as reported in the following picture.

Dropbox Authentication Notification
Dropbox Authentication Notification

In order to re-authenticate your jobs you can refer to: How to backup WordPress to Dropbox.