Frequently Asked Questions about the transfer to WP Media

What will change in my contract?

Your contract will not change. Only the service provision and billing for the plugin will be carried out in the future by WP Media SAS.

Who do I direct future inquiries to?

We will continue to be at your disposal under the existing channels as mentioned in
For direct support inquiries, please use

How does billing change in the future?

Contracts, subscriptions and plans are continued without changes by WP Media.

You will receive the next invoice from WP Media SAS.

As of right now, no changes to the payment options are necessary. We will be changing the PayPal account for future billing – if you are impacted by this, then we will provide with your next invoice more information about the required changes.

I still have an outstanding bill. Who do I have to pay this to?

The payment has to be made to the party specified on the invoice

How do I manage my contract data in the future?

You can continue to manage your contract plan within your BackWPup account.

How do I change the settings in my plan?

As usual, you can adjust the settings and backup targets via the plugin settings in the WP-Admin Dashboard.

Can I object to the transfer of my plan?

You can object to the transfer of the contract to WP Media SAS with a notice period of three weeks using the methods specified in There is no particular right of termination for your plan.

In the event of an objection, your contract with Inpsyde GmbH will continue to exist. Inpsyde GmbH will terminate the contract with you at the end of the payment period.

Inpsyde GmbH has commissioned WP Media SAS to provide the service, therefore after an objection, we are your contact for all questions relating to your contract until the end of the term.