How many BackWPup Licenses do I need?

You do not necessarily need a license for each domain. Instead, the number of necessary BackWPup licenses depends on the number of your single- and multisites.

Examples: BackWPup Licenses

In the following we would like to show some examples so that you can have a quick overview:

  • One single site = one BackWPup license – example: 5 pages in an own installation = 1 license
  • One multisite = one BackWPup license – example: 5 pages in one multisite = 1 license
  • A network of multisites = one BackWPup license for each multisite
  • redirections do not need an extra license – example: 1 installation on + redirection from to = 1 license
TIP: If you need a couple of licenses, take a look at our product website, you’ll find interesting offers for sure.