How to backup WordPress to HiDrive

In this post we explain how to connect your HiDrive cloud storage with BackWPup, and we also provide an example about how to perform a back up in HiDrive.
Let’s dig deep into the topic.

Connect BackWPup with HiDrive

In order to save a WordPress backups to HiDrive you need first to activate an HiDrive storage cloud plan. If you don’t have one account yet, you can create one here.

After installing and activating BackWPup Pro version 3.8 or above in your site, proceed as follow in order to back up your WordPress site to HiDrive destination.

  1. Create a new job going to BackWPup → Add new Job or edit an existing job going to BackWPup → Jobs
  2. In the tab General go to the section Job Destinations and select the Backup to HiDrive checkbox.

    Select the Backup to HiDrive checkbox
    Select the Backup to HiDrive checkbox
  3. A new tab appears called To: HiDrive, where you can configure the settings for HiDrive. If the connection is not active yet, in the Authentication field a red highlighted Not authenticated! message will appear.
    In the App Access to HiDrive text field click “Get HiDrive Authorization Code” button.

    HiDrive tab configuration settings
    HiDrive tab configuration settings
  4. The link redirects you to the login page in HiDrive: provide now the credentials in the login form

    HiDrive Login Form
    Authenticate in HiDrive Login Form
  5. Allow permission to access the HiDrive storage

    Allow access form
    Allow access to storage
  6. As a result you get an Authorization code, copy the code

    HiDrive Authorization code generation
    HiDrive Authorization code generation
  7. Head back to BackWPup To:HiDrive settings page and paste the Authorization Code into the “App Access to HiDrive” field and click on the “Save changes” button

    Set the Authentication Code in HiDrive BackWPup settings tab
    Paste the Authentication Code into the “App Access to HiDrive” text field and save the changes
  8. After that action a new green message informs the user that the plugin is now Authenticated

    HiDrive Autentication message on BackWPup settings page
    BackWPup is now authenticated in HiDrive

Run HiDrive Job

Now that the HiDrive storage is properly configured and enabled in BackWPup let’s proceed showing how you can create a back up archive of your site and store it in HiDrive.

  1. Go to BackWPup → Jobs and on the link of the job created in the previous section click on Run now link, this way the job starts processing your sites, creates the BackUp and then upload it on the HiDrive destination

    Job with "Run now" link highlighted
    Run the Job to create a back up in HiDrive
  2. After the process is complete head to your HiDrive account and check that the back up archive is correctly uploaded and visible

    HiDrive interce that shows back up archive
    The back up archive created is available in the HiDrive server