How to save backups to a folder

If you want to easily store your backups to the FTP server, you can save the backups to a folder in your WordPress installation. In this case, you don’t even need to enter FTP credentials, like for the backup destination FTP.

Important: When speaking of folder here, it is not a folder on your computer. It is a folder on your FTP server, where your WordPress installation is located.

Follow these steps to set up the backup destination in a folder:

  1. Edit the backup job: go to the tab General, the section Job Destination and check the Backup to Folder checkbox.

    Edit the backup job
    Edit the backup job
  2. A new tab To: Folder appears. Go to this tab.

    Edit the backup folder settings
  3. At Folder to store backups in, enter a name for the folder where the backups are going to be stored. This folder will be located inside the wp-content folder of your WordPress installation.
  4. At File Deletion, enter a number which will be the maximum amount of backups to be stored there. If this number is reached, the oldest backups will be deleted.
  5. Do a test run by manually starting the backup job. After a successful run, you should see a backup in the specified folder.