How to save backups to a folder

If you want to store your backups to the FTP server and make the backup destination setup as easy as possible, you can install them in WordPress installation.

In this case, you don’t have to enter FTP credentials, like for the backup destination FTP.

Important: This is not a folder on your computer but a folder on the FTP server.

Follow these steps to set up the backup destination in a folder:

  1. Edit the job and set Backup to the folder in the General tab, the section Job Destination, and check the Backup to Folder checkbox.

    Edit the backup job
    Edit the backup job
  2. A new tab To: Folder appears. Go to this tab.

    Edit the backup folder settings
  3. In the Folder to store backups in, enter a name for the folder where the backups will be stored. This folder will be located inside the wp-content folder of your WordPress installation
  4. For File Deletion, specify the maximum number of backups to be stored there. If this number is reached, older backups will be deleted.
  5.  Test the backup destination folder setup by starting the job manually. You should find your backup in the specified folder.