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How to save backups to your FTP server

You can save your backups to any FTP server you have access to. It can be another server than the one your WordPress is running on. The only requirement is that the FTP functions of PHP are enabled on that server.

Please note: in the backup job, under the tab General you will find the section Backup File Creation. The Backup type has two options: Synchronize file by file to destination and Create a backup archive. When using an FTP server for your backups, it is not possible to use synchronization of files.

To use an FTP server as backup destination, follow these steps:

  1. At job creation or when editing the job, in the tab General, section Job Destination, choose Backup to FTP.

    At job creation, in the tab General
    At job creation, in the tab General
  2. A new tab To: FTP appears. Go to this tab.

    A new tab To FTP appears Go to this tab
    A new tab To FTP appears Go to this tab
  3. At the top, enter the FTP credentials for the destination. You can get these from your host.
  4. Under Backup settings you choose the folder where to store the backups. Also, choose the amount of backups to be kept in that folder. If this amount is exceeded, the oldest backup will be deleted. If you don’t want to delete any backups, enter 0 in this field.
  5. In the section FTP specific sections you can configure the FTP connection accurately:
    • Timeout for FTP connection: in seconds. Specifies how long the script waits to connect to the server before cancelling the connection.
    • SSL-FTP-connection: uses a secure connection. OpenSSL must be supported by PHP to use this.
    • FTP passive mode: we recommend to have this box checked. It jumps in when a firewall is used. If you want to learn more about the FTP passive mode, read the Wikipedia article File Transfer Protocol.
  6. Test the backup job by running it manually. After it finished successfully, you should see the backup on the FTP server in the specified folder.

    You should see the backup on the FTP server
    You should see the backup on the FTP server