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Warning: File name too long to be saved

In case you save files with the archive format Tar, TarGZ or TarBZ2, it may happen that BackWPup reports the warning “file name too long”.

The reason is that the formats Tar, TarGZ or TarBZ2 only allow 100 characters as file name lengths. Nonetheless, BackWPup saves files with longer names, but the archive format shortens the names. This may lead to problems during the restoring process.


WARNING: File name “wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/cache/minify_tagdiv_theme,commentreply.min,wpembed.min,js_composer_front._998cbd8e7258ea432e75c51c3cabf110.gz” is too long to be saved correctly in TarGz archive!

In case you get the warning “file name too long”, you should consider to do these steps:

  1. Exclude folders like e.g. cache, temp, logs and backups from saving.
  2. Choose zip as archive format