Announcing BackWPup 3.4.0: Now with Dropbox V2 Support

We’re happy to announce the release of BackWPup 3.4.0. There have been many changes and improvements made to this version, which we’ll give an overview of below.

To download the new release, simply head over to WordPress, or for the pro version, go to Or, if you already have BackWPup installed, just update the plugin from your WP dashboard.

Now to get to the good stuff: what exactly is new in 3.4.0?

BackWPup 3.4.0: New Features and Other Changes

Dropbox API V2

The biggest change in 3.4.0 is the migration to using Dropbox API V2. The old API will be deprecated in just a few weeks, so it was vitally important that we migrate to V2.

End users won’t notice much if any difference, but it was important nonetheless. You will be able to use Dropbox as a destination without interruption.

Job File Tracking

Another pretty significant change is that jobs now track their own files. Prior to this release, if you had multiple jobs backing up to the same folder, they would often delete each other’s archives. Now, however, each job is aware of its own files, and will only ever touch its own files.

Binary Columns Now Exported More Safely

Finally, many of you noticed that if some of your tables used binary columns, the database backup sometimes didn’t work so well. That is, when you tried to import your backup, you would get errors.

In 3.4.0, BackWPup now exports all binary columns as hex values. This ensures that binary data is preserved and will be able to be properly imported back into the database when necessary.

PHP 5.2 versions not supported anymore

BackWPup 3.4.0 doesn’t support PHP 5.2 versions anymore. Want to know how to find out and change your PHP version? Click here to find out.

Complete Change Log

Here is a list of all the changes made to BackWPup 3.4.0:

  • Improved: Migrated to Dropbox API V2.
  • Changed: Removed Adminer link from backend.
  • Added: Backup file tracking so backups from other jobs aren’t accidentally deleted.
  • Fixed: Call to get_users was previously incorrect.
  • Added: Ability to have backup file sent to multiple email addresses.
  • Added: Web.config is now included in list of special files to back up.
  • Fixed: error for some users when generating XML export.
  • Fixed: opendir permission denied warning on some versions of IIS.
  • Improved: accuracy of binary column export.

How to Get Support

If you’ve found a bug in BackWPup, please let us know over at Github.

If you need support for the free plugin, please post on our support forum on WordPress. We do our best to answer all questions quickly.

If you are a pro user, then please contact us via As a pro user, you get priority support and we will ensure that your issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

Thanks everyone for using BackWPup, and we hope you enjoy the new features in 3.4. If you have feature suggestions, feel free to let us know. We’re always looking for ways to make BackWPup even better for our users.

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