BackWPup Release 3.7.1: the license update

We just released BackWPup 3.7.1! This new version comes with an important update related to the licensing system of our shops: this changes the license activation section in the premium version of the plugin.

Let’s have a closer look to BackWPup 3.7.1 update and fix.

License system update for premium version

We upgraded the license system in our on line shops and, as a result, in order to activate the premium version of the plugin now the customer has to use a Master Api Key and a Product Id.

This means that starting from BackWPup Release 3.7.1 the old Api Key and the customer Email Address will not be used anymore to activate the plugin. More info about this new workflow are available in this brief tutorial:

Error Notices CSS is loaded on all pages

Through the support a customer helped us in finding a bug that affected a BackWPup style file: a color property in a css file was overwriting every error notice, rendering it always with red color.

Of course this is a small bug, but when we work on our products we always strive for perfection: hence we quickly fixed the issue in BackWPup 3.7.1 . Thanks to our customers that always support us in taking care of every detail!

Changelog for BackWPup 3.7.1

Here follows the changelog for the BackWPup Release 3.7.1:

  • Fixed:
    • Error Notices CSS is loaded on all pages and overwrite the color of other plugins notices
  • Updated:
    • License system update for premium version

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