BackWPup Release 3.8.0: OneDrive and HiDrive destinations

BackWPup Release 3.8.0 is now available! New destinations have been added to our plugin to enhance the backup and restore resources when is time to store your data and restore it from an external source.

But we accomplished other improvements, and we implemented some fixes too in order to optimize the plugin performance.

Let’s have a closer look to BackWPup 3.8.0 updates and fixes.

OneDrive Destination

The OneDrive service from Microsoft let you save your files and access them from any device.

Now this cloud service can be easily connected also with BackWPup: the plugin is able to use the OneDrive resource in order to store your back up archives, but also to automatically retrieve them when you need to restore your system.

The BackWPup destinations list is growing, our aim is to set you free when is time to decide which resources are important for you in order to store your data.

But OneDrive is not the only one addition that come with this release. Let’s go on reading!

HiDrive Destination

The HiDrive cloud service from Strato web hosting provider brings us back to Europe: this storage service assures optimum file safety for their users and several sites widely rely on it.

Hence we decided that also the BackWPup Release 3.8.0 users will benefit from the sinergy between our plugin and the Strato service: BackWPup now can communicate with HiDrive and you can store your back up archives in HiDrive, or automatically retrieve and restore them in your site.

PHP 7.4 compatibility

We refactored the code in order to be compatible with the latest PHP 7.4 changes.

Our Dev Team is always working on the code stability, to comply the latest version of PHP in order to exploit it at best, cleaning also all the deprecated functions to avoid warnings or error messages.

Keep data after plugin uninstall

We set a new interesting and useful option in the plugin: sometimes a user could need to reinstall the plugin, and in that case this could lead him to loose all the plugin settings, because these are deleted during the removal process.

But now a new option is available: just select it and the data will be kept on the disk, letting you to uninstall and install back the plugin without loosing your saved data.

S3 destination return error

The S3 destination, after Amazon AWS library was updated to version 3, reported an error when selecting a custom S3 service, like for example Wasabi S3. Here below the error message:

Error executing "ListBuckets" on "..."; 
AWS HTTP error: Client error: GET http:/... resulted in a 400 Bad Request response: AuthorizationHeaderMalformedThe authorization header is malformed; a non-empty region must be provided in the credential...

The Devs worked anf fixed the issue, so the latest library version works correctly on BackWPup Release 3.8.0.

Changelog for BackWPup 3.8.0

Here follows the changelog for the BackWPup Release 3.8.0:

  • Added:
    • OneDrive destination for Pro version
    • HiDrive destination for Pro version
    • WordPress 5.5 compatibility
    • PHP 7.4 compatibility
    • Option to keep BackWPUp data after plugin uninstall
    • More default excluded folders and files for BackWPUp
  • Fixed:
    • Custom S3 destination return error after Amazon library update
    • PHP Notice: Undefined index: dbdumpdbcharset
    • Cannot use variables for the xml file name
    • Deprecated: Non-static method BackWPup_Admin::admin_css() should not be called statically
    • Prevent click on overlay disable backup download process
    • BackWPUp redirects even in the CLI environment

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Thanks for using BackWPup. We appreciate all our users who find value in our plugin. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know.

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