BackWPup Release 3.9.0: Migrate website to another URL

BackWPup release 3.9.0 is available: with our back up plugin is now possible to perform a migration of your site to another url.

Together with this main feature several fix have been provided. Here follow further details.

Migrate website to another URL

This new feature had been wanted for a long time by our customers. In fact they needed more than restoring their site from an archive backup: they wanted to create a backup of their site and then restore it to another domain.

This mean that if you just need to change your domain, or create a copy of your site in a staging environment, for example for testing and development reasons, now using BackWPup you can easily achieve that just with few clicks. For more details about this topic you can check How to migrate your site with BackWPup .

Validation for database credentials on restore

During the restore process, the user was able to bypass the database credentials by simply clicking continue without entering anything.

Now validation has been added to ensure that correct credentials are added.

Unable to download backup from Google Drive

A bug in the Google Drive module has been detected and reported by a customer. After saving a back up in Google Drive it was not possible to download that back up from the plugin interface.

The issue has been inspected and properly fixed in this BackWPup version.

Don’t pre-fill database credentials when backing up non-WordPress database

This is an important security issue that has been solved.

In fact in the settings panel, when the user chose to back up a database, the related credentials were filled in the form: this way through a browser inspection tool a malicious user could detect the database password.

Of course, even if this kind of action could be performed only by a user with administrator privilege access, it was not a good practice anyway to expose such kind of info.

So the dev team promptly set a fix, and now the credentials are not filled anymore, so they are kept safely secret.

Changelog for BackWPup 3.9.0

Here follows the changelog for the BackWPup Release 3.9.0:

  • Added:
    • (Pro) Migrate website to another URL
    • (Pro) Validation for database credentials on restore
    • PHP notice for outdated PHP versions less than 7.2
  • Fixed:
    • (Pro) License deactivated on settings save
    • (Pro) Corrupted path name in Google Drive destination
    • (Pro) Unable to download backup from Google Drive
    • Unable to connect to custom S3 endpoints
    • Intermittent error selecting restore strategy
    • Memory leaks when uploading to S3
    • PHP 7.4 Deprecation notices
    • PHP 8 compatibility issues
    • Remove BackWPup user roles on uninstall in multisite
    • Correctly handle relative upload paths
    • Display welcome page even after consent dialog clicked
    • Exclude non backup files from the backups page
    • Format dates as ISO-formatted dates instead of binary hex in MySQL backup
    • Don’t pre-fill database credentials when backing up non-WordPress database
    • Description of replacement patterns for archive name
    • Added missing destinations to destination list in about page

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