BackWPup Release 4.0.0: Destinations’ support enhancement

BackWPup release 4.0.0 is now in our shops! In this new version, we added new classes and fixes for the Destinations; our goal always is to be up-to-date with the status of art of some of the Destinations with which BackWPup can work.

There are improvements in some features now and several fixes. You can take a closer look at some of this new version’s changes in this post.

Destinations updates and fixes

We added new storage classes for Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service). In fact, Amazon S3 offers several storage classes that users can select depending on their data access needs. Now the new classes have been added in BackWPup: Standard Infrequent Access, One Zone-Infrequent Access, Intelligent-Tiering, and Glacier Instant Retrieval.

Previously a bug in S3 blocked the data download when using the predefined region for the service. This bug has been fixed.

Regarding other destinations, our developers performed several fixes: on SugarSync and MS Azure, download problems have been solved.

The BackWPup encountering issues when saving the backup to Dropbox, causing the upload to fail due to more than 50 files being stored and running out of memory, has also been properly resolved.

Finally, authentication and connection issues have also been spotted and solved in OneDrive and HiDrive destinations.

backwpup_ftp_use_passive_address filter

If the user’s FTP server is behind a firewall, it will often give an address for passive connections like

PHP will trust this address, so connections will fail because it can’t connect to that address.

We’ve now created a filter called backwpup_ftp_use_passive_address, which allows setting the FTP_USEPASVADDRESS option to false, which will ignore the passive address given.

Initialization Vector added to encrypt archives

Proper encryption requires an initialization vector (IV), which wasn’t included in the encryption process under previous versions.

Now a unique IV is generated with each encryption, making the process more secure and the data encryption safer and stronger to eavesdropping and decryption attacks.

Changelog for BackWPup 4.0.0

Here follows the changelog for the BackWPup Release 4.0.0:

  • Added:
    • Support for additional S3 storage classes
    • Support for Glacier Instant Retrieval
    • Created backwpup_ftp_use_passive_address filter for when FTP is behind NAT
    • Support for object lock in S3 by adding Content-MD5 header
    • (Pro) Include unique IV when encrypting archives
    • (Pro) Default character set fetched from alternative database credentials
  • Changed:
    • Upgraded minimum version to PHP 7.2
    • (Pro): Upgraded Google Drive SDK to V3
  • Fixed:
    • Better support for PHP 8
    • PHP warning when backing up to S3 destination
    • Unable to download from S3 when using predefined region
    • Unable to download from SugarSync
    • Backups downloaded twice from MS Azure
    • wp-config.php backed up twice when parent folder is included in backup
    • Text fields too long on SugarSync destination settings
    • Dropbox runs out of memory when more than 50 files in folder
    • (Pro) Authentication of OneDrive when HTTP_REFERER not set.
    • (Pro) Displayed creation date of OneDrive backups was incorrect
    • (Pro) Disabled mysqldump radio button when binary cannot be found
    • (Pro) HiDrive does not detect when refresh token expires
  • Removed:
    • Unnecessary AWS and Google library files to save on package size.

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