BackWPup release 3.6.10: the destinations update

BackWPup release 3.6.10 is now available! This new version comes with updates and fixes mainly related to the BackWPup destinations. In fact we performed a refactoring process for S3 and Glacier destinations, based on the latest available Amazon AWS SDK. Besides this, some little fixes and improvements were added to the plugin.

The goal is always to keep the code updated with the latest available technologies.

Let’s have a closer look to some of the changes this version provides.

Filter to extend list of S3 destinations

A filter now is available to easily extend the services list in the S3 destination settings form. With this filter we added some new services in our default list, but now it is also possible for our users to add new services hooking to ‘backwpup_s3_destinations’ filter.

Amazon AWS SDK for S3 services, now PHP 5.5+ is needed

We refactored the BackWPup Release 3.6.10 code, using the new Amazon AWS SDK for the S3 services. This means also that PHP 5.5 is the minimum required PHP version needed to work with S3 destinations.

Auto remove old backup files not working when archive file name has prefix “backwpup”

Working with destinations, users can set the maximum number of file to keep in the remote destination when executing a backup. This let the users to not exceed the quota assigned for their particular destination. But when the archive name was prefixed with the “backwpup” string, the plugin could not delete them. We fixed this bug, and BackWPup removes the files as expected, and the plugin properly manages your destination space.

Changelog for 3.6.10

Here follows the changelog for the BackWPup Release 3.6.10:

  • Fixed:
    • Azure Supports https on uploading
    • Auto remove old backup files not working when archive file name has prefix “backwpup”
  • Added:
    • Filter to extend list of S3 destinations
    • Filter to extend list of Glacier destinations (Pro version)
  • Updated:
    • Amazon AWS SDK for S3 services, now PHP 5.5+ is needed
    • Amazon AWS SDK for Glacier, now PHP 5.5+ is needed (Pro version)
  • Removed:
    • S3 multipart upload checkbox, now in destination definition

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