BackWPup 3.6.1, 3.6.2, and 3.6.3 – The Bugfix Versions

BackWPup 3.6.1, BackWPup 3.6.2 and BackWPup 3.6.3 are versions with collected bugfixes. In this blog post we give you further information about what works now and why it didn’t work before.

BackWPup 3.6.1: Bugfixes for a smooth operation

Backup doesn’t handle special characters correctly

When creating the backup archive, some file names were sanitized and in some circumstances this changed the file names and removed diacritics and accents leading to incorrect file names.
Also, sanitizing the file names that contain multiple extensions like “.min.js” were renamed to “.min_.js” for security reasons by WordPress.

We decided that since we cannot know which kind of files the user may have we don’t want to add additional security stuff when we create the backup.
So, now the files are stored in the archive as they are.

Backup doesn‘t override old database file in web root

If you have restored backup files in your root installation after a recently performed restore and you make a backup the database backup file that goes into the backup is the one you have currently in the root directory and not the generated one when you create the backup.

Cannot delete woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions table

Was not possible to restore a complete database backup because the table `woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions` depends by another one.
We set the database to not consider foreign key when we perform the restore, this fixes the problem and allows you to import the entire database correctly.

Changelog of 3.6.1: All Bugfixes in an overview

BackWPup, which was released on October 8th, 2018, contains the following bugfixes:

  • Fixed:
    • Backup doesn’t handle special characters correctly
    • Use of function that doesn’t exists prior to 4.9
    • Class bryter/helpers/csrf/CSRF.php was not loaded
    • Backup don’t override old database file in web root
    • Restore Folder backup won’t download the backup file
    • Function `owns_backup_archive` not exists, the one is `is_backup_archive`
    • Some settings page and license api manager strings are missing translation
    • Incompatibility with php 5.3 in destination folder downloader
    • fatal error on Amazon Glacier because of an undefined function
    • Ensure extra files are not overwritten
    • Cannot delete woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions table
    • Incompatibility with php 5.3 in the restore process

BackWPup 3.6.2: Some more quick bugfixes

However, we had to make another few bugfixes. You can see the overview here:

  • Fixed:
    • Not recognized file extensions get an additional underscore in the file name in zip file
    • Backup archive file have dot folder contains all web root files
    • Ftp destination downloader repetitively open a new handler for the source file causing corrupted backup.

BackWPup 3.6.3: And some last bugfixes

We apologize for not having seen all bugs. This is the changelog of the latest version:

  • Fixed:
    • “Failed to restore file”: file restore progress stop working and jump directly to database restore step
    • Restore progress stuck on “restoring database” with archive backup contains files only
    • All config.php files are not in backup archive

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