New Release: We just released BackWPup 3.4.2!

We released BackWPup 3.4.2! In this version you find mainly bugfixes and we improved the Chinese translation and other improvements.

As usual, you can download the free version from WordPress. And you can download the pro version from When you already installed BackWPup, you can easily update your plugin via your WordPress dashboard.

BackWPup 3.4.2 – This changed

Here you can find a short overview about the most important changes:

Bugfix – Potential Security Issue

A couple of days ago, Larry W. Cashdollar and the WordPress Plugin Directory informed us about a potential security issue in BackWPup. To solve this security issue has been the most important thing in this release.

The problem had been that, under certain server settings, directories of the WordPress installation could have been listed. As the directory in which we stored the backups and the backup files being in there had similar names, data names could be guessed easier. In consequence of that, they could have been downloaded from others once having guessed the data names. We think that this danger existed only for a few BackWPup users as theses server settings are rather unusual.  Nevertheless we wanted to keep the risk for our users as little as possible, therefore reacted fast and closed the security issue with this release. We especially paid attention to the backwards compatibility with older versions. Backups you create now will be backed up in the same directory as before but now have a more complex name so they have no more similarity to the backup directories names’.

Many thanks to Larry W. Cashdollar and the WordPress Plugin Directory who informed us! And our hint to all users: Update your version!

The whole Changelog

  • Fixed:
    • Security issue to prevent backups from being seen by others
    • Only one admin notice shown at a time
    • Remove user roles on uninstall
    • Issue with parsing S3 URLs
    • open_basedir warning from looking for mysqldump
    • Solved Dropbox Sync problems:
      • failed because of case sensitivity
      • sometimes deleted synced files
      • fails when user used proxy
  • Improved:
    • Better support for large XML files
    • German formal and chinese translation for PRO

That’s how you get Support

You found a bug in BackWPup? Then please tell us over at Github so that we can solve the problem.

If you need support for the free plugin, please open a ticket in the support forum of WordPress. We give our best to answer all questions fast and quick. However it is possible that you have to be patient.

You’re a pro user? Please contact us via As a pro user, you get our premium support. We assure you that solving your issue is extremely important for us.